Ray Giudice, Your Atlanta DUI Lawyer

If you’re facing DUI charges, you need an Atlanta DUI lawyer who will go to bat for you. The consequences of drinking and driving can be life altering, because Georgia laws are strict and prosecutors are really cracking down. You don’t want to face this situation alone; you need an Atlanta DUI attorney with experience who will work hard to achieve the best outcome for your case. The good news? Raymond Giudice has over 30 years of experience, yet still answers his own phone at all hours of the day and night, because he is a DUI attorney who has much of a sense of urgency about your situation as you do.

Why are Atlanta DUI lawyers so essential? Can’t you do it on your own, or higher a cheap DUI attorney? Because of all the penalties you face if convicted of a DUI in the state of Georgia, including:

  • Suspension/loss/revocation of your driver’s license
  • Jail time and probation
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Employment consequences/job loss
  • Professional licensing consequences
  • Mandatory substance abuse programs
  • Steep fines and court costs
  • DUI School
  • Community service
  • Increased insurance premiums/or cancellation

Ray Giudice Speaks on DUI Charges

People from all over Georgia come to Ray Giudice for help facing these consequences. Our clientele includes professionals such as lawyers, doctors, teachers, real estate agents and financial professionals whose lives and careers are at stake. We also frequently represent young people whose futures may be jeopardized by the prospect of having to carry the weight of a criminal conviction forward with them.

If you have been charged with a DUI, it’s important to act quickly! From the moment you are arrested, the government begins working on your case. If you hesitate to take action, you are wasting valuable time, time that your DUI lawyer could be using to prepare your Atlanta DUI defense.

The Best DUI Lawyer Atlanta Offers

It is imperative that you find an attorney with the right qualifications. The right DUI lawyer will have recent jury trial experience, and the necessary knowledge and expertise to competently represent you in court—you want an attorney who has seen it all and successfully won a variety of cases. You need an attorney who will give you his cell phone number and email as well as the office number, and will stand by you from the first telephone interview through every major court appearance. When you’re confident that you have found someone whose primary plan is to win your case, but who also has a backup plan to minimize any penalty you may face, you know you’ve found the right DUI attorney.

Atlanta-based Ray Giudice is that kind of attorney.

For three decades, the DUI attorneys at Raymond Giudice, P.C. have represented people charged with every type of DUI. When you need to hire an expert who will aggressively fight to protect your rights and freedom, and do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible results for you, call the DUI lawyer Atlanta residents trust, Ray Giudice.

If you have been accused or arrested for DUI, contact our office (404) 554-8800, or call Ray’s cell at (404) 964-4185, to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.