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New DUI Mobile App

The Ray Giudice DUI App has everything you need to know before during and after you’ve been arrested. It offers many useful features and information that may help prevent a DUI arrest, or help you get through a DUI arrest. These User Features include:

  • Don’t drive drunk – Click the app’s phone link to call a cab and get home safely.
  • If you’ve been drinking and the police pull you over – Hit the HELP! I’M BEING ARRESTED button. This action will send a text directly to Ray’s cell phone 24/7 to alert him that you are being arrested and NEED HELP NOW!
  • Read the DUI Arrest Guide and learn how to protect your rights before you’re arrested.
  • Click on the Direct Office Phone link to make an appointment for a free consultation. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.