Violent Crimes

The attorneys at Raymond Giudice, PC, have handled thousands of criminal cases, including numerous cases involving violent crimes. Ray is a former prosecutor who has since dedicated his career to criminal defense. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Ray knows that many violent crimes begin with normal situations that spiral out of control. Disagreements may escalate in minutes—until you find yourself in the back of a police car, facing a life-altering situation.

If you have been accused of a violent crime, it is critical to speak with an experienced defense attorney before you making any critical decisions about your case. Indecision can mean the difference between being found not guilty and being found guilty.

Often, the decisions that are made at the beginning of your case make a huge impact on the outcome. When clients call us immediately after they have been charged with a violent crime, we have a greater opportunity to minimize the charges, prepare a winning case at trial and, in some cases, avoid prosecution altogether. Do not wait.

If you have been charged with a violent crime, the most important thing to do is act quickly! From the moment you are arrested, the government begins working on your case. If you hesitate to take action, you are wasting valuable time—time that your criminal defense attorney could be using to prepare your case.

For over 30 years, the attorneys at Ray Giudice, PC have represented people charged with every type of violent crime. At a time like this, you need to hire an expert—a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight to protect your rights and freedom, and do what it takes to achieve the best possible results for your case.

If you have been accused or arrested for a violent crime, contact our office (404) 554-8800, or call Ray’s cell (404) 964-4185, to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.