Super Speeder Law in Georgia

Georgia is getting tough on speeders by raising fines. Effective January 1, 2010, Georgia changed its speeding laws for Super Speeders. Super Speeders are high risk drivers who put other drivers at risk by ignoring speed restrictions in roads and highways in Georgia. Under the Super Speeder Law (Georgia Law HB 160) offenders will be […]

The Real Reasons for Road Blocks

Atlanta area Law Enforcement turns to the “safety check” , i.e., Road Block, during the Holiday Season . While the stated purpose is to enforce the seat belt law and to check for valid licenses and auto insurance, the real goals of a Road Block, are impaired driver and DUI Arrests. The average fine for […]

Ray discusses the NFL prescription drug inspection and P.J. William, Florida State football player, who fled the scene of an accident.


Listen to Ray on 680 The Fan, discussing Adrian Peterson and Jameis Winston

Listen to Ray on 680 The Fan, The Front Row discussing NFL player Adrian Peterson’s criminal case and FSU football player, Jameis Winston’s upcoming hearing.  

What will the Student Disciplinary Hearing determine for Florida State’s Jameis Winston?

FSU’s Winston is facing nothing but bad options. FSU, under federal “title 9” requirements must investigate the sexual assault allegation against Winston. The university’s need to hold a student disciplinary court hearing, puts Winston in danger of being suspended by FSU, and opens the door to a Civil Lawsuit and perhaps criminal charges for assault […]

Did Adrian Peterson cross the line in using a switch to “whoop” his 4 year old son 10 to 15 times?

A parent’s right to discipline his or her child comes into conflict with the criminal laws on assault and child abuse. Does the Texas “Corporal Punishment” Statute permit leaving visible cuts on a child’s buttocks, back and scrotum, or will a Jury consider Peterson’s actions “tough love” and an effort by a loving parent to […]

Ray speaks to CBS46 about the Justin Ross Harris case

Justin Ross Harris has been indicted in Cobb County on 8 counts after he left his son in the car on a hot Atlanta day. Watch what legal expert, Ray Giudice, thinks about the indictment, prosecution team, and the trial ahead.


Prosecutors may face an uphill battle with arrests made as a result of a “roadblock” or police checkpoint”, but only if the defense properly raises and thoroughly presents the right challenge. In order for an arrest made from a roadblock stop to stand up to a challenge in court, the prosecutor must be able to […]

Can Dope Get You a DUI?

D.U.I by DOPE? Oh yes. Under Georgia’s DUI law, if you are “impaired” by alcohol, illegal drugs, legal prescriptions, or any combination of the three, to a degree where you are a “less safe driver”, you can be convicted of DUI. Marijuana cases are somewhat harder for Law Enforcement to prove, as the physical manifestations […]

Ray discusses the Atlanta Cheating Scandal and the upcoming trial on CBS46

Ray was recently on CBS46 to discuss the Atlanta cheating scandal. You can watch his video below, or head over to to read the full article. CBS46 News