DUI Defense Attorneys Who Give Back To The Community

The DUI defense attorneys at the offices of Raymond Giudice are more than just DUI lawyers—they’re involved members of the community. To that end, Ray Giudice and his associates regularly participate in community activities, donating not only funds, but also their time and energy, to support worthy causes. On August 22, the Giudice DUI defense […]

Legal Expert, Ray Giudice, with The Rude Awakening crew on 680 The Fan Sports Radio

On today’s segment, Ray gives great advice on how to choose a lawyer best suited for your legal matter. He also discusses the Civil Lawsuit against Chicago Bulls’ Derick Rose, for alleged rape charges, and did Russell Wilson make false statements while endorsing a product? Listen in.

Cheap DUI Lawyers: You Get What You Pay For 

If you’re facing DUI charges, you may be tempted to hire one of the cheap DUI lawyers you have seen advertised. Especially knowing you might be facing hefty court costs and fines, you might consider cutting corners wherever you can. It is important to remember, however, that you get what you pay for: cheap DUI […]

Radio segment: What to do when you get pulled over

Listen to Ray’s recent segment on 680 The Fan’s, The Rude Awakening. Ray gives some great advice on what to do when you get pulled over and how to practice your constitutional rights. He also dives into discussion about the arrest of Atlanta Hawk’s, Mike Scott and Tom Brady’s Deflategate case.

Scary Accident In Marietta: DUI To Blame

Are you facing a Marietta DUI? Georgia DUI laws are very strict, and for good reasons come with serious penalties. The loss of life and property damage that results from DUI accidents is heartbreaking. Just last week, a terrifying accident happened because of a Marietta DUI. A witness to the scene stopped to help an […]

Fighting A DUI Less Safe Charge

Have you been charged with a DUI less safe? This may seem like a confusing term, but it simply means that your use of alcohol or drugs caused you to be a “less safe” driver than you otherwise would have been. To make this charge stick, the state must prove that you were not capable […]

Boating Safely: Avoiding A Georgia BUI

Are you risking a Georgia BUI? Summer heat brings many people to Georgia’s lakes and beaches, and the appeal of ice-cold beverages, cool water, and a refreshing boat ride can’t be denied. It almost seems inevitable that these elements will be combined unwisely, and that’s when people face the repercussions of a Georgia BUI. Believe […]

Which DUI Lawyer Near Me To Call?

If you’ve gotten a DUI, you may be thinking, “How can I find a DUI lawyer near me?” No matter where you live in the Atlanta Metro area, you’d do well to call DUI attorney Ray Giudice. Why choose Ray? For his experience, knowledge, and passionate drive to help his clients achieve the best possible […]

Ray discusses the police conduct during Sandra Bland’s traffic stop and LeSean McCoy’s party invitation

Listen to Ray Giudice on 680 The Fan discussing current legal events. Ray discusses the police conduct during Sandra Bland’s traffic stop and  LeSean McCoy’s party invitation.

Facing Your Second DUI? Georgia Laws Are Tough For Repeat Offenders.

A DUI is always a serious issue, but for a second DUI, Georgia really pulls out the stops. In 2013, Georgia laws changed regarding repeat DUI offenders, and while some restrictions were loosened, many of the penalties remain stiff. If you’re facing your second DUI charges, there are some things you need to know. Serious […]