Which DUI Lawyer Near Me To Call?

If you’ve gotten a DUI, you may be thinking, “How can I find a DUI lawyer near me?” No matter where you live in the Atlanta Metro area, you’d do well to call DUI attorney Ray Giudice. Why choose Ray? For his experience, knowledge, and passionate drive to help his clients achieve the best possible […]

Ray discusses the police conduct during Sandra Bland’s traffic stop and LeSean McCoy’s party invitation

Listen to Ray Giudice on 680 The Fan discussing current legal events. Ray discusses the police conduct during Sandra Bland’s traffic stop and  LeSean McCoy’s party invitation.

Facing Your Second DUI? Georgia Laws Are Tough For Repeat Offenders.

A DUI is always a serious issue, but for a second DUI, Georgia really pulls out the stops. In 2013, Georgia laws changed regarding repeat DUI offenders, and while some restrictions were loosened, many of the penalties remain stiff. If you’re facing your second DUI charges, there are some things you need to know. Serious […]

Pulled Over For An Alpharetta DUI With Your Child In The Car?

An Alpharetta DUI is not to be taken lightly, no matter who is in your car. A DUI can seriously impact your future, limiting your work and educational opportunities, and can even be problematic if you’re not convicted. If you’ve got a child in the car, however, it becomes an even more alarming situation. Sometimes, […]

Charged With A Roswell DUI? Have An Expert On Your Side.

Are you facing a Roswell DUI? Rest assured, you’re not alone. The Roswell police department makes hundreds of DUI arrests annually, often using DUI checkpoints to find offenders. Even if you’re not driving erratically, these checkpoints put you at risk for a Roswell DUI arrest, just for having wine with dinner. In fact, in 2010 […]

Ray joins The Rude Awakening to discuss current legal matters in the sports world

Atlanta’s criminal defense attorney and 680 The Fan’s legal expert, Ray Giudice joins The Rude Awakening to discuss current legal matters in the sports world. Listen as Ray discusses the events that caused Florida State’s De’Andre Johnson to be suspended. De’Andre Johnson has been accused of punching a woman in the face who threw a […]

How Do I Fight A DUI In Georgia?

Are you facing a DUI in Georgia? If so, you might be wondering what to do next. Do you need to take action? Simply put, yes, you do need to take action – assertively and immediately. A DUI in Georgia is an extremely serious matter, and if you don’t take the right steps as soon […]

Ray’s segment on CBS 46 discussing Rusty Sneiderman

Ray Giudice, legal analyst, discusses the Georgia Supreme Court conviction reversal on the 2013 City of Dunwoody murder of Rusty Sneiderman. Will Andrea Sneiderman be forced to testify when retrial starts? And how does this retrial affect the DeKalb County tax payers?

24 Hour Attorney Hotline: For When Life Throws You A DUI Curveball

Do you need a 24 hour attorney hotline? When you’ve been charged with a DUI, your first feeling may be one of utter panic. You know you need help, because you know that Georgia takes driving under the influence very seriously. At the very least, you’ll find your license temporarily suspended. At worst, your entire […]

“Mom, Dad…I Got A DUI”

I got a DUI is a sentence every parent hopes they never hear their child utter. We work to raise our children to be responsible, and firmly believe before we ever let them behind the wheel of a car that they’re grounded enough to avoid such reckless behavior. DUIs happen in the best of families, […]