Ray Giudice Discusses Drop in DUI Arrests in Georgia

There has been a drop in DUI arrests in the past year in Georgia. Legal expert, Ray Giudice, discusses this cultural shift and how millennials avoid an arrest with Will Frampton of CBS46.

Are homeowners responsible for slip and fall on their property due to snow and ice?

Watch Ray Giudice, legal expert, discussing homeowner’s liability during the winter months with The Weather Channel team.

Ray Giudice Discusses the Recent Ross Harris Guilty Verdict

Ray Giudice, discussing the recent Ross Harris guilty verdict in the death of his child with CBS 46. What was the evidence that worked against his case?  What are the next steps? And Can Ross Harris appeal the court’s decision?

Ray Giudice discusses the the Hot Car Death Trial of Ross Harris in Cobb County

Legal expert, Ray Giudice, discusses the the Hot Car Death Trial of Ross Harris in Cobb County and how things look for the defense team. The jury selection on this nearly two year old case begins today.

What Makes A DUI Less Safe?

Have you been charged with a DUI less safe? If so, you may be confused. How is one DUI less safe than another? And if you were charged, we know right off the bat that there was no test of your blood alcohol content. How do we know? It’s in the definition of a DUI […]

680 The Fan’s favorite legal expert joined The Rude Awakening this morning to cover the Chandler Jones incident

680 The Fan’s favorite legal expert joined The Rude Awakening this morning. They covered the Chandler Jones incident who was caught with synthetic marijuana. In light of all the negative events surrounding the law enforcement, Ray praises the officer who responded to Jones and provided help without any incident. Ray discusses the Lawrence Phillip’s suicide […]

The Best Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Are you trying to find the best Atlanta DUI lawyer? It may seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. A quick Google search for that phrase yields over 6000 results! How do you know which lawyer is the best Atlanta DUI lawyer for you? Is it subjective, or are there hard and […]

How Smart is to Rely on a Smartphone DUI App?

Did you use a DUI app this New Year’s Eve? Ringing in the New Year, many of us have a tendency to overindulge, and sometimes, even the most responsible are unsure of whether driving home is a good idea. But is a DUI app on your smartphone reliable? That’s the question recently asked by New […]

Ray on 680 the Fan: Al Jazeera, aggravated stalking, Daejuan Funderburk and more

The Rude Awakening’s favorite legal expert, Ray Giudice, on 680 The Fan. Ray discusses the defamation suit against Al Jazeera filed by Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman, he explains the conditions for aggravated stalking, and the arrest of former West Virginia Football player, Daejuan Funderburk.

Do I Need A Lawyer For A DUI?

Sometimes, people ask us, “Do I need a lawyer for a DUI?” We find this question puzzling because a DUI is a very serious charge, which carries with it the potential for equally serious consequences. You may as well ask yourself, “Do I need a doctor for my broken leg?” While you could splint it […]